Warm spring weather awaits Uzbeks during the working week

    In focus 4 March 2024 810

    In the first days of March, winter once again reminded itself of cold weather and precipitation in the form of snow. Today, in the morning, the air temperature dropped to 2-5 ° below zero, in the north to 7-12 ° below zero.

    According to the Uzhydromet service, an intense temperature rise will begin in the daytime, which will continue until the end of the working week.

    On March 4-7, the weather is expected to be without precipitation throughout Uzbekistan.

    On March 8, it will rain in places across the republic.

    The air temperature this afternoon is 4-9 ° C, in the future, until the end of the week, the temperature will gradually rise to 13-18 °C. The night temperature will rise from 2-5° frost to 2-5° heat.

    The wind is mainly easterly, from weak to moderate, on March 8, in places with an increase to 15-18 m/s.

    Fog is possible in some areas of the republic on March 5-6.

    Precipitation in the form of rain and snow will take place on March 6-7 in some mountainous areas, and on March 8 in most of the mountainous territory. Avalanche danger.

    In the capital: no precipitation on March 4-7, light rain is possible on March 8. Temperature increase at night - from 0-2 ° frost to 3-5 ° heat, during the day - from 5-7 ° heat to 15-17 °.

    On March 6-7, fog is possible at night and in the morning. The wind is easterly 3-8 m/s.