New development priorities for Andijan region identified

    Uzbekistan 16 February 2024 3728

    On February 16, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting on the economic and social development of Andijan region, in the city of Khanabad.

    Industry, entrepreneurship, agriculture, tourism, and social spheres are developing in Andijan region. However, there are still many untapped opportunities.

    At the meeting, growth points were listed, measures and those responsible for their implementation were identified.

    This year it is planned to build 190 multi-storey buildings in Andijan, provide new housing to 7 thousand families, and build the “New Uzbekistan” neighborhood in Asaka district. Urbanization programs will be implemented in Andijan, Asaka, and Shakhrikhan. The cities of Asaka and Shakhrikhan, with a population of over 100 thousand people, will be transferred to the region.

    Andijan’s experience in landscaping and greening mahallas will be created. They will specialize in cultivating fruits and vegetables, animal husbandry, handicrafts, home-based work, industry, trade, and services. 850 billion UZS of credit resources and 50 billion UZS of subsidies will be allocated for these purposes.

    To improve transport services, a railway connection from Khanabad to Asaka will be launched, and the number of trains and buses from Andijan to other cities of the country will be increased. Instructions were given for constructing small and micro-hydroelectric power stations and repairing electrical networks and roads.

    The unemployment rate in the region dropped to 7 percent. The population’s income from entrepreneurship increased by 1.5 times. 225 thousand people became self-employed.

    However, it is necessary to lift another 400 thousand people out of poverty and provide employment for school graduates. To this end, they will be trained in professions, offered preferential loans, and attracted to entrepreneurship. Based on Chinese experience, greenhouses will be created on the outskirts of mahallas and provided to needy families. Young people will be additionally trained in information technology and foreign languages.

    Andijan has 12 large and more than 160 local automobile manufacturing enterprises. They employ 17 thousand people. Producing spare parts and components cooperatively in mahallas will be expanded to increase the number of jobs. The production of ceramic tiles will be organized in Bulakbashi, and the production of porcelain products will be organized in Markhamat and Baliqchi.

    The region can increase the level of cotton processing to 100 percent. This year, $150 million worth of dyeing and ready-to-wear projects will be completed, creating 6,000 jobs. Designers from Italy will be involved in textile enterprises. Also, a furniture production complex will be created in Oltinkul district.

    Seven projects will be implemented to produce complex drugs and medical products. A pharmaceutical cluster will be created jointly with a higher education institution.

    Agreements worth $3 billion were reached between Andijan region and Chinese investors. One billion dollars can be raised this year. For this purpose, the “Silk Road” Free Economic Zone will be created in Andijan district on 218 hectares. Investors will receive all tax and customs benefits for free economic zones. In addition, $300 million worth of projects will be placed on vacant industrial zone sites.

    Responsible officials reported plans to attract $2.5 billion in foreign investment this year, create 45 thousand jobs, and ensure exports worth $1 billion.

    The creation of modern hotels and tourist centers will employ 20 thousand people.

    The main task in agriculture will be to increase productivity and expand exports and industrialization. For this purpose, cotton varieties from China will be planted in cotton growing, yielding up to 80 centners of yield per hectare and with a fiber yield of up to 45 percent. Ten thousand hectares will be covered by drip irrigation, another 20 thousand hectares will be leveled by laser method. The “Tuyamuyin”, “Miyan”, “Chinobodsoy”, “Kadim”, “Qatortol”, “Pakhtaobod” canals will be concreted.

    For growing fruits and vegetables within family businesses, unsecured loans of up to 100 million UZS will be allocated, subsidies will be provided for equipment purchase, and 30 percent of the costs of seeds and seedlings of highly profitable crops will be compensated.

    Foreign brands will be attracted to the food industry. A large agrological center will be built in Andijan district. Rivers, canals, and their surroundings will be leased to entrepreneurs to breed poultry and fish. The Marhamat sericulture cluster will become a model for all districts of Andijan. Twenty million mulberries will be planted along roads, fields, gardens, and vineyards.

    When analyzing social spheres, special attention was paid to improving the quality of school education. To this end, students in grades 10-11 will be allowed to deeply study one of the exact, natural subjects, foreign languages, or learn working and IT specialties. For this purpose, workshops will be organized in schools, and entrepreneurs will conduct practical classes.

    A “2+2” program will be introduced between the Asaka Agricultural Technical College and the Andijan Institute of Agriculture. Management and teaching methods will be updated at the Andijan Institute of Economics and Construction.

    The possibility of increasing the export of medical services in cardiac surgery, endosurgery, and microsurgery by two times through the development of medical institutions in the region was noted. It was proposed to unite 8 Andijan hospitals close to each other into one cluster and organize a multidisciplinary medical center based on the clinic of the Medical Institute.

    The President drew attention to the fact that today’s meeting is being held on the birthday of the great poet Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur and congratulated the people of Andijan on this significant event. The planned reconstruction of the Babur Culture and Recreation Park in Andijan based on a new ideological concept has been announced.

    The Head of state proposed to name the Andijan Art School after Sherali Jurayev, who contributed considerably to Uzbek song art, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It will be transformed into a college of music and art, where new talents will be trained on a grant basis.

    At the meeting, the Head of state listened to proposals and initiatives of deputy prime ministers, ministers, hokims and entrepreneurs.