Additional funds will be allocated for the program "Every family is an entrepreneur"

    Business 14 July 2020 958

    The Resolution of the President “On additional measures to finance the“ Every family is an entrepreneur ”program and the development of small industrial zones in the Namangan region” was adopted.

    In accordance with the document, in order to create a source of income for families whose social situation and living conditions have deteriorated in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, by ensuring their employment, additional funds were allocated from the Reconstruction and Development Fund in the equivalent of $ 98 million for the program “Every family - entrepreneur ", including:

    • JSCB "Agrobank" - the equivalent of 40 million US dollars;
    • AK "Khalk Banks" - the equivalent of USD 30 million;
    • JSCB "Microcreditbank" - the equivalent of USD 28 million.

    Moreover, the said will be allocated to:

    • organizations providing microfinance services, as well as non-governmental non-profit organizations to support projects to attract youth and women to small businesses - the equivalent of USD 2 million;
    • khokimiyat of Namangan region for the further development of small industrial zones in Namangan region - the equivalent of USD 50 million.