The delegation headed by the Chairman of the Senate got acquainted with the Uzbekistan pavilion, organized at the Dubai Expo center

    Environment 6 December 2023 1060

    The delegation headed by Chairman of the Senate of the OliyMajlisTanzilaNarbayeva, who is on a practical visit to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the parliamentary session within the framework of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), got acquainted with the pavilion "Uzbekistan", organized at the Dubai Expo center in Dubai.

    Uzbekistan participates in SOR28 in the Central Asia Pavilion. This is a joint effort of the countries of the region aimed at strengthening the position of "One region, one voice".

    Uzbekistan participates in the Cop28 World Climate Summit in two pavilions: blue ("Blue") and green ("Green").

    The Blue pavilion provides information about the environmental potential of Uzbekistan, in particular, about the Green Space project initiated by the President and regularly conducted by the Central Asian University for the Study of the Environment and Climate Change (Central Asian Green University), as well as about the state of the Aral Sea and its landscaping.

    In the Green pavilion, on the second floor, information about biodiversity, work carried out in the field of ecology in general, videos, as well as the tourism potential of our country are demonstrated.