The case will not be opened if information about traffic violations is not received within 48 hours

    Transport 24 April 2024 747

    At the next plenary session of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, a draft law aimed at introducing amendments and additions to the Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Administrative Responsibility was considered in the first reading.

    The draft law defines the termination of the case when a violation of traffic rules is recorded by automated means of photo and video recording, there is no information about the owner of the vehicle, as well as if information about a violation of traffic rules is not sent to the person authorized to make a decision on the imposition of a fine within 48 hours from the moment of fixing the violation of the rules traffic by special automated technical means of photo and video recording.

    In addition, the draft provides for the establishment of administrative responsibility for offenses committed in the process of driving small-sized vehicles with electric motors and individual vehicles (by a person driving a scooter, moped, bicycle, individual vehicle).

    Also, article 171 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility provides for the introduction of an order for the termination of administrative cases for violations committed by emergency medical vehicles and fire and rescue units, in order to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

    The adoption of this bill will serve to effectively protect the legitimate interests of citizens by ensuring compliance with traffic rules, preventing traffic accidents and road safety.

    The draft law was adopted by deputies.