Proposals presented to increase the export of IT services

    Uzbekistan 22 February 2024 2724

    On February 22, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of proposals for developing infrastructure and exporting IT services.

    The corresponding instruction was given at a meeting held at the Ministry of Digital Technologies on December 20 last year.

    Today, IT Park’s residents have reached 1.7 thousand, employing 26 thousand people. The Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy provides for an increase in the number of residents by ten times, the number of jobs to 100 thousand, and bringing the volume of exports in the industry to $5 billion.

    For this purpose, it is proposed to introduce the “Zero Risk” program, aimed at widely attracting organizations exporting IT services to the regions. Based on the recommendation of the IT Park, enterprises participating in the program will be provided with unused government facilities free of charge for up to one year. After this period, a direct lease agreement is concluded. In addition, the IT Park will provide technology and equipment for free use for up to one year.

    Several benefits are also provided for the development of the activities of these enterprises. Thus, up to 50 percent of the expenses of program participants for hiring and advanced training of workers will be compensated.

    It is planned to implement the “Local to Global” program to assist domestic IT companies in entering the world market. Compensation is provided for up to 50 percent of expenses for these purposes, including participation in international exhibitions and inviting foreign experts.

    Information about the “Digital Inclusion” project was also presented. Within its framework, youth, women, and persons with disabilities will be trained to provide IT services. It is planned to create 9 thousand jobs, including employing about 5 thousand women and people with disabilities.

    Following the “Digital Inclusion” project, 25 thousand people are expected to be provided with jobs.

    The Head of state approved these proposals and gave additional instructions.