115 billion soums were allocated to protect against mudslides and floods in Uzbekistan

    Safety&Sequrity 16 October 2023 3418

    In Uzbekistan, 115 billion soums have been allocated this year for measures for the safe transfer of flood waters, mudflows and water outflows from 67 water bodies. This was announced at a briefing in AIMK by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Furkat Abdukodirov.

    According to its geographical and geological features, the republic is a region prone to natural disasters and natural disasters. With this in mind, special working groups consisting of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Ecology, the Ministry of Mining and Geology, the Ministry of Water Management and other responsible departments studied the territories at risk of mudslides, floods and landslides.

    According to the results of the study, 1,027 farms and 5,127 citizens were temporarily relocated to safe zones. Engineering protection measures were fully implemented in 137 farms and for 674 citizens.