President’s New Year Greeting to the People of Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan 1 January 2022 18701

    Dear compatriots! I sincerely congratulate all of you, our entire multinational people, on the New Year.

    In these joyful moments, I wish you all health, peace and prosperity!

    Today, on the threshold of the New Year, we with gratitude see off the passing year.

    The Year of Supporting Youth and Improving Population Health has left a bright mark on our lives.

    We carried out large-scale activities together. Despite the consequences of the pandemic and the global crisis, the country has achieved high economic growth. Many enterprises, clusters, technology parks and modern infrastructure have been created.

    New housing, kindergartens, schools and universities, healthcare, culture and sports facilities are being commissioned.

    Entrepreneurship is developing rapidly, including among women and youth. Our hardworking farmers have grown a rich harvest in the past year.

    Towns and villages are being improved – a unique image of New Uzbekistan is being formed.

    Our purposeful youth makes us happy with their achievements. The country’s authority in the world community is growing. Taking this opportunity, I congratulate our foreign partners, the peoples of all countries on the New Year, and wish them peace and prosperity.

    Dear friends!

    Our reforms have become irreversible. We have developed a New Uzbekistan Development Strategy to deepen them. Its main principle is “In the name of the honor and dignity of a man”.

    To name the next year, we studied the wishes and suggestions of the general public.

    Based on these opinions, I propose to declare 2022 in our country as the Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development.

    For us, this is, first of all, ensuring the rights and freedoms, the legitimate interests of every resident of Uzbekistan.

    The mahalla, the foundation of our society, is of decisive importance in this.

    Indeed, peace in the mahalla is peace in the whole country.

    A prosperous mahalla is a prosperous country.

    Therefore, henceforth, the main criterion will be effective work in each mahalla.

    The most important task for us is to ensure peace and stability.

    In 2022, our focus will be on the accelerated development of economic sectors and entrepreneurship, the creation of new jobs. We will continue to work to increase the income of the population, the size of salary, pensions, scholarships and benefits.

    All resources will be used for the development of the social sphere, especially the systems of healthcare, science, education and upbringing.

    As before, we will pay special attention to supporting our esteemed war and labor veterans, women, youth, caring for those who need help.

    The priority will remain the task of improving the country, building modern housing in all regions, in particular, the New Uzbekistan neighborhoods.

    I want to assure all of you: we will mobilize all our strength and opportunities to make the life of our people even more prosperous.

    Dear compatriots!

    Once again, I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming New Year.

    May the New Year bring health, prosperity and happiness to every family, to all our people!

    May our dear Uzbekistan flourish!

    Happy New Year, dear friends!

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev,

    President of the Republic of Uzbekistan