The President inquired about the level of well-being and health of mahalla residents

    Uzbekistan 16 November 2023 3879

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the “Sebzor” mahalla of Sariasiya district in Surkhandarya region.

    More than 7.6 thousand people live here. Local youth are employed in four enterprises and over twenty trade and service facilities. Residents of the mahalla are mainly engaged in gardening, livestock farming, and vegetable growing. There are more than thirty farms.

    The Head of state visited the garden of the Barakatullo Davr Baraka farm and got acquainted with the development of melons. A rich harvest of apples is being harvested on 6 hectares and persimmons on 1.3 hectares. Early maturing crops are grown among the rows of trees, including cabbage, onions, and garlic.

    It is known that the climate of Surkhandarya allows for early harvesting. However, it was noted that agriculture lacks a scientific approach. The need to create in vitro laboratories in the region, improve seed production, and specialize Surkhandarya’s agriculture for export was emphasized.

    An instruction was given to conduct an inventory of gardens, mountain slopes, and field boundaries, to study additional opportunities for growing crops, to attract scientists and increase the yield and quality of products, and to develop processing.

    Social issues are also addressed in a targeted manner in the mahalla. The roads have been repaired. Transformers were replaced before the autumn/winter season, and additional poles were installed. The necessary conditions have been created at the school and preschool education institution.

    Recently, a small medical center opened in the mahalla. The President got acquainted with the conditions there.

    This facility employs a doctor, an obstetrician, and two nurses who mainly provide preventive examinations and nursing care.

    About 2 thousand mahalla residents had to go to a hospital 27 kilometers from here. Now, medicine has become closer to people. Vaccination of children, rehabilitation of chronically ill patients, and monitoring of them have been established here.

    The Head of state talked with medical workers and officials.

    “One of the issues that worries me most is the health of our people. That is why we spend a lot on building hospitals, providing social medicines and emergency medical care. The monthly wages of medical workers have also been increased. Now it is important to target treatment and health monitoring for specific risk groups among the population”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    For example, if it is determined that residents of a particular locality are sick or prone to illness, medical workers should pay increased attention to them and monitor their condition. At the same time, it is essential to widely explain the benefits of proper nutrition, walking, and organizing herbal bars in the mahalla.