The President visits Khanabad

    Uzbekistan 16 February 2024 2009

    The President visited the house of Salokhiddin Usmonov, who lives in “Yangi Hayot” mahalla in the city of Khanabad.

    The head of the family and his spouse Mrs. Ziyoda raised two children. The yard is well maintained. The house looks modern, and solar panels are installed on the roof. A separate energy-saving heating system has also been installed.

    In recent years, tourism has been developing in Khanabad. The infrastructure is improving. Tourists are coming. Using these opportunities, guest rooms are organized in the house.

    Mr. Usmonov is an agricultural specialist. They also grow mushrooms.

    The President approved the owners’ entrepreneurial spirit and emphasized the importance of applying their experience elsewhere.

    “Each mahalla has its capabilities, traditions, and aspirations of people. If the mahalla association and representatives of the economic complex identify and support them, the population can be employed, and a source of income can be created. Therefore, we pay attention to regions’ development in mahallas, bringing all responsible leaders down”, the President said.