The ranks of young scientists "Young Scientists Alumni" are replenished

    Science 21 December 2022 1462

    On December 20 of this year, a "round table" on the topic "Young Scientists Alumni Reunion 2022" was organized. During the event, Bunejon Okhunov, Executive Director of the Science Financing and Innovation Support Fund under the Ministry of Innovative Development, delivered a welcoming speech.

    He spoke about the work done in the framework of the implementation of the tasks set by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and made a presentation on the internship of young scientists.

    From 2018 to the present, funds in the amount of about 18 billion soums have been allocated to send 471 young scientists to more than 30 developed countries of the world, such as Russia, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, South Korea, Israel for scientific internships. During the internships, scientists conduct scientific research in cooperation with professionals in their field, exchange experience and strengthen cooperation with foreign research organizations.

    Seven young scientists who took part in scientific internships were appointed regional coordinators. The task of the coordinators is to consult and coordinate young scientists going on an internship on various organizational and scientific issues.

    At the end of the event, 326 young scientists who won the competitions held in 2022 were also awarded special certificates.