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    International Trade Center to be built in Termez

    Uzbekistan 1 June 2021 2618

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with Termez International Trade Center master plan.

    26 hectares in Termez district have been allocated for this center. The center will house $75 million worth of terminals for receiving, storing, processing, sorting and packaging, as well as selling products. All the necessary infrastructure will be created.

    According to the project, the complex will have 1,800 retail outlets, a logistics center with a capacity of 50 thousand, two hotels with 400 seats, hospitals and car maintenance points. It is planned to place shops on the first floors of the buildings, and light industry enterprises on the second floors.

    It is estimated that the annual turnover of the International Trade Center will amount to $500 million, and the volume of services – $10 million. Exports worth $192 million will pass through the center.

    $10 million from the Reconstruction and Development Fund has been allocated to start the construction of the center.

    The Head of the state gave instructions to build the buildings of the center from light structures, to attract entrepreneurs of the region to service the center and export, as well as create all the necessary conditions for foreign businesspeople. The need was noted for organizing similar trade centers in areas bordering other neighboring countries, taking into account the experience gained here.

    Termez International Trade Center is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.