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    Tokyo 2020: Akbar Jurayev Wins a Gold Medal with an Olympic Record

    Sports 4 August 2021 126

    Uzbekistan’s weightlifter Akbar Jurayev has won a gold medal at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

    Scoring 193 pounds in the snatch, Jurayev, who was 2 kilograms behind his Armenian rival Simon Martirosyan, beat his opponent by a wide margin at the end of the snatch and set an Olympic record, inform UzA.

    The flag of Uzbekistan was raised in honor of the athlete and the National Anthem was played.

    Weightlifting, -109 kg:

    1. Akbar Jurayev (Uzbekistan) – 430 (193+237) kg Olympic record;

    2. Simon Martirosyan (Armenia) – 423 (195+228) kg;

    3. Artūrs Plēsnieks (Latvia) – 410 (180+230).