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    The guarantees of the rights of the child are being strengthened

    Social medium 3 March 2023 2068

    The Law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan" was discussed at the thirty-seventh plenary session of the Oliy Majlis.

    The Law establishes administrative responsibility for leaving a child unattended on the territory of a foreign state. In particular, it is provided that the abandonment of a child who has the citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan without supervision on the territory of a foreign state by a father, mother or a person replacing them, or an accompanying person, entails the imposition of a fine from ten to fifty basic calculated values.

    In addition, criminal liability is established for the commission of the same action after the application of an administrative penalty or failure to ensure the return to Uzbekistan of a child located on the territory of a foreign state within the time limit established by the court. Thus, it is established that such a violation of the law is punishable by correctional labor for up to three years or restriction of freedom from one year to three years or imprisonment for up to three years.

    Another important feature. Now, according to the amendments made to the Law "On Guarantees of the Rights of the Child", the abandonment of a child without supervision on the territory of a foreign state by the father or mother or a person replacing them, that is, the evasion of the parents, the person replacing them, from fulfilling their duties to provide, educate and educate the child entails responsibility in accordance with the legislation.

    The Law also introduces amendments to the Law "On Preschool Education and Upbringing", according to which the number of children who can study and be brought up in family non-governmental preschool educational organizations increases from twenty-five to fifty. Amendments are being made to the Law "On the Procedure for Serving Administrative Arrest", according to which the powers to consider cases of administrative offenses are transferred from administrative courts to criminal courts.

    Thus, the Law "On Making Additions and amendments to certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan" introduces the necessary additions and amendments to 4 of the Code and 4 of the law. The inherent love of our people for children, humanity, responsibility to society and the individual are reflected in our normative legal acts.

    The law was approved by senators.