The charity platform "Inson uchun" appeared in Uzbekistan

    Social medium 13 April 2024 1702

    The National Agency for Social Protection (NASZ) has announced an important event in the field of charity and social support - the appearance of a new charity platform "Inson uchun".

    The project was created on the initiative of NASZ. According to the creators, "Inson uchun" is not just a fundraising platform, but also a powerful tool for social interaction that allows everyone to show mercy and receive support in difficult life situations.

    It was noted that the Agency plays an important role in the implementation of the project, becoming the key to its transparency and effectiveness.

    "Our participation not only ensures the reliability and reliability of the information provided, but also inspires trust, allowing each benefactor to see the real trace of their good deeds," the message says.

    On the platform, you can not only make a donation, but also ask for help, for which you need to fill out an online application.

    This makes it possible for various groups of the population to apply to charitable foundations.