Great people are those who managed to turn time into opportunity, opportunity into success, and success into the foundation of development

    Uzbekistan 1 September 2023 7023

    On August 31, Tashkent city hosted celebrations on the 32nd Anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev attended the event. The Head of state congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on this significant event.

    The Leader of Uzbekistan noted that over time, Uzbekistan, having hardened in the trials on the development path and gained the necessary experience, has emerged as a sovereign state with its own specific goals, course, and position.

    “Your, my dear, everyday work, filled with love and devotion to the Motherland, further strengthens Uzbekistan's independence. In this sense, it would be right to say that the holiday of independence is our common holiday, and independent Uzbekistan is our common pride and honor”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    Of course, the path of our people to sovereignty and the current prosperity was not easy. Our ancestors’ political and enlightenment aspirations in this direction have been gaining strength over the past century and a half. The heroes of the nation, striving for freedom, were repressed. Through independence, their good name is restored.

    Before independence, the land, strength, and all the potential of our people were put at the service of agriculture. The word “Uzbek” was associated only with those who worked day and night in the cotton fields. The cotton policy dried up the Aral Sea, led to a crisis in our ecosystem, and turned off our economy and education system.

    Today, the market economy principles have been introduced in cotton growing. Forced and child labor have been eradicated. The teacher returned to school, and the doctor returned to the hospital. Uzbekistan was excluded from the international “black lists”.

    It’s not a secret for anyone that the basis of political independence is, first of all, economic independence. The large-scale work carried out in recent years and the results achieved serve as a solid foundation for strengthening. A clear confirmation is that over the past six years, the gross domestic product in the country has grown by more than 1.5 times, and the number of business entities – by 2 times, industrial growth has exceeded 40 percent.

    “However, we need to compare today not with yesterday, but with tomorrow and organize work based on this. After all, the future begins with the steps we are taking now”, the President said.

    It was emphasized that education is the basis of progress, and the work done in this area was noted.

    – The three-thousand-year history of our statehood testifies that our ancestors have always made an enormous contribution to the development of world civilization with their physical labor and intellectual activity.

    We are the descendants of great personalities who enriched the world not only with material resources but with the fruits of science, enlightenment, and spiritual values. Undoubtedly, their high qualities and the glorious traditions they created still live in our hearts and consciousness and are present in our daily lives.

    And I am convinced that we can continue this historical path adequately, – the Head of state noted.

    In his speech, the President drew public attention to the important tasks facing the country today. These are environmental problems, an accelerated transition to an economy that is careful with water, energy, and other natural resources, and the creation of innovative manufacturing enterprises.

    “We must never forget that natural resources are wealth that belongs to future generations. Therefore, we need to use them wisely, thinking not only about today, but also about tomorrow”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    Another essential task is to create equal opportunities for women in all spheres of society. Speaking about this, the President cited the words of the great ancestor-enlightener Abdurauf Fitrat: “Women are the mothers of the nation”.

    It was noted that in recent years, humanity has faced severe trials, and in such conditions, people who are united and have a strong will can develop steadily.

    “Every citizen of Uzbekistan should consider it his life duty to ensure the unity of our people and the integrity of the country. Only united – we are a single people, only together – a strong country!” the President said.

    The Leader of Uzbekistan stressed that our peace-loving people would develop friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation with the states near and far abroad.

    It was noted that no matter how important and complex the upcoming tasks are, we all have enough strength and capabilities to solve them.

    “As history testifies, the nation that managed to turn time into opportunity, opportunity into success, and success into the foundation of development is a great nation. Today, our hardworking, courageous, and noble people show just such qualities”, the Head of state said.

    The President expressed gratitude to all compatriots and our people, who selflessly work on this path.

    “Long live our people – the creator of all our achievements! May peace and tranquility always reign in our beautiful country! May the Almighty always protect our Motherland! May our independence be eternal!” the President concluded his speech with these words.

    The holiday continued with a glorious concert program. It reflects the dreams of our ancestors about freedom, the feeling of happiness of gaining independence, the confident movement into the future, and the hopes of our people. The memory of the brave sons who died in the name of the peaceful life of the country is honored. Our people’s rich art and values were vividly manifested in classical songs and melodies, in the performances of folklore and ethnographic groups – a unique synergy of different cultures in Uzbekistan.

    The celebrations were broadcast live on television and via the Internet.