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    WHO has begun preparations for the next pandemic due to "Disease X"

    Healthcare 26 September 2022 533

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has been compiling a list of diseases and viruses that need to be given increased attention for several years.

    Ebola and Zika were on the list, but in 2018, the so-called "Disease X" was added to it - this is a suspected infection that can cause an upcoming pandemic. A couple of years later, COVID-19 was recognized as a similar disease.

    Now the researchers have sorted out other pathogens that pose a potential danger to humans. First of all, experts mentioned animal viruses. Approximately one hundred and twenty of them pose a threat to humans, and the most recent example was monkey pox.

    In the near future, a pandemic may occur due to a mutational hybrid or bacterial infection. Against this background, experts suggest the development of vaccines and medicines for virus prototypes.