Priority tasks for the development of Khorezm region defined

    Uzbekistan 31 March 2023 4747

    On March 31, Urgench hosted an extraordinary session of Khorezm Regional Council of People’s Deputies.

    The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev took part in it and delivered a speech.

    “I am very glad to meet you, my dear compatriots, today in this ancient and blessed land, during the holy month of Ramadan”, the Head of state noted. – If we analyze it, a lot has changed in Khorezm. But time is passing rapidly, people’s requests are growing. We must act accordingly. That’s why we should take a critical look at our work and set ourselves big goals”.

    The transformations taking place in Khorezm region were noted at the meeting. Preschool enrollment has increased from 22 percent to 79 percent over the past six years. 131 schools were built and reconstructed. For the first time, 580 thousand residents received access to the centralized drinking water supply.

    An additional 1 trillion UZS has been allocated for the development of 531 mahallas of the region, 50 billion UZS for the repair of roads, sidewalks and lighting in district centers.

    The work on providing the population with housing has also accelerated. Over the past five years, houses for 9.5 thousand apartments have been put into operation. The construction of Al-Khwarizmi town in Urgench has begun in the continuation of this work.

    Within the framework of 7 thousand projects worth $1.5 billion, new enterprises have been launched in the industry, agriculture and service sector. Thanks to this, 50 thousand permanent jobs were created, 19 thousand families were lifted out of poverty.

    Production increased 1.5 times, industrial exports amounted to $190 million. In particular, the output of products in the textile, automotive, food, electrical engineering and construction materials increased by 2 times.

    At the same time, it was noted that there are even greater economic opportunities in the region and many issues that people are waiting for solutions to.

    The organizational issue was considered. The Head of state recommended the candidacy of Jurabek Rakhimov for the post of Hokim of Khorezm region.

    J.Rakhimov was born in 1981 in Khorezm region. He started his career in Shavat district, and in recent years worked as Hokim of Bagat and Kushkupir districts. Since December last year, he has acted as Hokim of Khorezm region.

    The Head of state offered to listen to the candidate’s plans. Jurabek Rakhimov presented his plans for the development of entrepreneurship, industry, agriculture, and the creation of decent living conditions for the population of the region.

    The first presentation of the candidate was devoted to measures to ensure people’s employment and increase their income. The President approved these proposals and gave relevant instructions to the responsible persons.

    In particular, an additional 100 billion UZS will be allocated to the 940 billion UZS allocated for family entrepreneurship programs. It was noted that through the organization of new business entities, 57 thousand people could be employed, and through home-based work and self-employment – 50 thousand and 28 thousand people, respectively, by providing them with tools and premises in 240 mahallas.

    The second important task is to ensure stable saturation of the market with food. To this end, the second stage of the project “Restoration of the main irrigation canal in Toshsoka system” will begin. In Bagat, Shavat and Yangibazar districts, plantations of grapes, apple trees and melons will be laid on an area of 2 thousand hectares, agro logistic centers will be organized in Gurlan and Bagat. Projects on poultry farming, animal husbandry, milk processing will be implemented.

    As is known, each district is tasked with attracting at least $50 million in investments. In turn, the candidate for the hokims of the region reported on the projects that are planned to be implemented in the districts.

    The Head of state instructed to allocate an additional 100 billion UZS for the infrastructure of 14 large industrial projects, to create electrical and pharmaceutical technology parks in Urgench. The task was set to increase the production volumes of Damas and Labo cars with the attraction of investments of $20 million. This will create 300 new jobs.

    Measures have also been defined to provide electricity to industrial enterprises and settlements.

    The main attention was paid to the development of the social sphere, the construction of schools and kindergartens, the provision of housing and drinking water to the population. The President supported the initiative to improve sanitation in schools, organize foreign language classrooms and vocational training, and open IT parks in 12 districts.

    In general, another 400 billion UZS will be allocated to solve social problems in Khorezm in addition to the 1.5 trillion UZS provided for by the state programs of this year. In addition, the task was set to attract an additional $475 million to the agricultural sector, drinking water supply and business projects.

    It was emphasized that due to all these measures, the regional authorities would have to provide 365 thousand residents with profitable work and turn Khorezm into a region without unemployment.

    After the presentation, deputies of the Regional Council expressed their opinions about the candidate’s plans. The organizational issue was put to the vote. According to its results, Jurabek Rakhimov was approved as the Hokim of Khorezm region.

    “Today we discussed with you all the issues concerning the life of the population, allocated the necessary funds, approved the new Hokim of the region. The next task is to unite all Khorezm people, work honestly and selflessly, implement all the plans and initiatives that were voiced today, make sure that they find their embodiment in the daily life of the population”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed following the session.