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    A project for the construction of new neighborhoods presented

    Uzbekistan 30 November 2021 1156

    At the inauguration ceremony of the Head of the state, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced the construction of the Yangi Uzbekiston (New Uzbekistan) neighborhoods with all the amenities and necessary social infrastructure for more than 1 million people.

    At the meeting on November 2, the practical aspects of this program were considered. Over the past time, places with infrastructure close to cities and district centers have been selected for the construction of neighborhoods.

    On November 30, the Head of the state got acquainted with the presentation of these projects.

    It is planned to build 22 new neighborhoods next year. To facilitate the activities of construction organizations, only plots for multi-storey buildings will be sold at auction. The adjacent territories will be transferred to the owners of the houses for general use after the completion of construction. Land plots for entrepreneurship will be allocated through an online auction.

    The Head of the state gave instructions on the construction of a sufficient number of schools, kindergartens and medical institutions in new neighborhoods. The possibility of creating at least 50 thousand jobs through the organization of small industrial zones and the implementation of business projects was noted.

    The regional leaders reported on the planned measures to organize the construction.