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    Clinical Guidelines prepared for treating patients with COVID-19 at home

    Healthcare 2 July 2020 449

    Uzbekistan has developed an Interim Clinical Guidelines for treating patients with mild COVID-19 at home. Experts from the National Chamber of Innovative Healthcare of the country worked on the document.

    The Clinical Guidelines has been prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
    As is known, in Uzbekistan until July 1, 2020, all infected with COVID-19 were treated only in hospitals. At the same time, successful international experience in predominantly remote management of patients with mild coronavirus infection who were self-insulating at home, was studied. This allows to significantly unload hospitals, giving doctors more opportunities for successful treatment of more severe patients with COVID-19.
    Taking this into account, the country’s leadership was tasked with the operational development of this clinical guidelines, the work on which was completed by specialists of the National Chamber in late June, and on July 1 the document was submitted to the Ministry of Health.
    The clinical protocol contains an algorithm of actions for medical workers who will manage patients with a mild form of COVID-19 at home, as well as recommendations for the patients themselves and their families, a self-health observation sheet for filling out by the patient at home.
    The issue of organization of patient treatment at home can be considered with mild symptoms of the disease and provided that there is no risk of rapid deterioration.