Art serves to educate a spiritually rich generation

    Uzbekistan 3 April 2024 2442

    The Head of state got acquainted with the Children’s School of Music and Arts No.1 in Tashkent.

    The school was built last year using funds from the republican budget and is designed for 250 students. In the current academic year, 145 boys and girls were admitted to 1st grade.

    Here, young people receive education in 12 areas outside the school curriculum. Students are selected based on creative examinations.

    The school has nearly fifty classrooms, computer labs, and an event hall, providing students with exemplary learning conditions. The library houses over 5,500 textbooks and scores.

    The President emphasized that art serves to educate a spiritually rich generation. Love for art must be developed from childhood. To this end, the importance of harmonizing general and music education programs was noted. The task has been set to strengthen interaction between art schools, higher education institutions, theaters, and other cultural institutions.

    In Uzbekistan, all schools are provided with musical instruments, which contributes to developing young people’s interests and talents. It also serves to transmit to the younger generation the traditions of maqom, bakhshi art, and classical music, which are our cultural values.