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    The Minister of Sports Development visited the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan

    Sports 9 March 2022 398

    Sports Development Minister Adham Ikramov visited the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, where he got acquainted with the work done. He was accompanied by his deputy Shakhrillo Makhmudov, as well as the Secretary General of the NOC Oybek Kasimov.

    The guests were met by a team led by the vice-president of the NOC, the head of the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan Azizjon Kamilov, the press service of the Federation reports.

    "Dear President expressed confidence in the further development of Uzbek sports and bringing it to a new level. We are determined to justify this trust, to work together as a single team. The Head of State gave instructions on such important areas as the development of mass sports, the establishment of breeding work, and increasing the prestige of higher sports achievements. Of course, when carrying out such work, there should be a cohesive team. It's not for nothing that I started my acquaintance with the Federations with judo. Almost at all Olympiads, this sport brought medals to the country. We have the most important start of the year ahead of us - the Asian Games. In addition, Uzbekistan will host the World Judo Championship among adults for the first time in the current sports season. All of us should seriously prepare for these responsible competitions," Adham Ikramov said.

    The Minister had a separate conversation with doctors, nutritionists and massage therapists working in the Federation. He noted that their contribution to the future victories of judoists will be huge, and knowing this, they should always approach the matter with great responsibility.

    "I also said this at a meeting of the Olympic Committee, and I will repeat once again that we must first ask what the Federations need before demanding results from them. Only after we study all their problems and find a solution, we will be able to claim achievement," the Minister of Sports Development added.

    During the visit to the Federation, Adham Ikramov talked separately with specialists in each direction. I asked about the problems and shortcomings. He gave a positive assessment to the process of building judo schools in all regions of the country and their speedy functioning, implemented jointly with the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan. He stressed that these specialized schools are of great importance for reviving the selection process of talented martial artists.