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    According to the "Program of treatment and rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairments older than 5 years", 45 operations are planned

    Healthcare 27 September 2022 439

    Within the framework of the project of the Zamin Foundation and the RSNPMC Pediatrics "Program for the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing impaired persons over 5 years old", 45 operations are planned to be performed in 2022, including 39 for cochlear implantation and six for bone conduction, which will be carried out by the world's leading otosurgeons.

    According to the press service of the Foundation, the doctors of the Pediatrics Center conducted a medical diagnosis to determine readiness for surgery.  Currently, the famous otosurgeon Vladislav Kuzovkov has performed 15 operations.

    Carrying out such operations helps to restore hearing loss and makes it possible for a person to further adapt to society.