Consumers can verify the authenticity of goods in the Soliq mobile app

    Digitalization 29 April 2024 2380

    In order to prevent cases of illegal import, production and sale of products, to ensure legal commodity circulation, starting from 2021, certain types of products are being marked in stages in the republic.

    To date, the following types of products are allowed for sale, which are subject to mandatory digital labeling:

    • tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;
    • brewing products;
    • appliances;
    • medicines and medical devices.

    When purchasing these products, pay attention to the presence of markings and do not forget to check its authenticity in the Soliq mobile application. This will warn you against buying illegal and low-quality goods.

    To check for digital markings, go to the "General Services" section of the application and select "Marking verification". In the lower part of the window that opens, click on the "Datamatrix scanner" icon and hover over the marking code applied to the products.

    With a genuine code, the following information is displayed on the screen:

    • Notification "The code is genuine";
    • Product name;
    • The status of the product (produced, in the process of sale or sold);
    • Manufacturer and date of manufacture;
    • Date of purchase by the wholesaler;
    • Sale to the end consumer (date and name of the business entity).

    Detailed information about the product is available in the "Product Description" section.

    The notification "The code is not authentic" indicates a violation of the rules of digital labeling.

    If you identify an incorrect digital marking or its absence, send an appeal to the tax authorities through the "Tax Partner".

    Business entities engaged in the retail sale of digitally labeled products are required to use special devices (2D scanners, data collection terminals or special devices of another type) connected to online cash registers and virtual cash desks, ensuring the correct reading and identification of barcodes and digital labeling codes.