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    President gets acquainted with landscaping activities in a new park

    Uzbekistan 9 July 2021 2085

    On 1 May 2021, the first seedlings were planted in the New Uzbekistan Park and landscaping of the territory began. Large-scale construction and landscaping activities are being carried out here. More than 2 thousand builders and workers, over 200 units of special equipment are involved.

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev became acquainted with the progress of the creative work being carried out here.

    The concept of the park embodies the history of national statehood, the current aspirations of our people and the goals of the Third Renaissance. The general view of the park with an area of 104 hectares will have the form of five branches of a tree, embodying the directions of the Action Strategy. There is a magnificent garden with such ornamental trees as chestnut, oak, maple, poplar, tulip tree, lilac, shrubs and flowers.

    Istiqlol Complex is being built on the territory of the park. The construction will embody the 3000-year history of our people, the great achievements of our ancestors, a reflection of the national identity and the new image of Uzbekistan. Currently, the foundation has been laid and the installation of the frame of this grandiose object has begun.

    An amphitheater for 5 thousand seats will also be built on an area of more than one hectare. National festive celebrations, cultural-enlightenment events will be held here. The complex will be equipped with a modern lighting and acoustics system. Currently, a spectator stand is installed here and the frame of the stage is mounted.

    An artificial lake with an area of 6 hectares, sports and children’s playgrounds, a walking area and fountains will also be created in the park. Sites for structures are being prepared. Irrigation and drainage systems are being built.

    The Head of the state also inspected the seedlings of ornamental trees that will be planted in the park.

    The Olympic village, a university, clinic, shopping and entertainment facilities are being built on the territory adjacent to the park, in Qibray district.