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    President motivates young people

    Uzbekistan 25 December 2020 2128

    Participation of the Head of the state in the forum, his words and initiatives give great motivation to young people.

    “Our great ancestor Muhammad Khwarizmi has a wise saying: “Words are flowers, deeds are fruits”. I think the better you think through your plans, the more effective your future activities will be”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. – As a well-read, educated generation, you know very well that in past Uzbekistan was one of the cradles of world civilization. You are descendants of Khwarizmi, Fergani, Beruni, Ibn Sina, Ulugbek, Navoi, Babur, Bukhari, and Termezi. Priceless knowledge and discoveries created by such great compatriots still serve all of humanity today.

    Continuing his speech, the President noted that it is enough to recall the “algorithm”, named in honor of scientist-encyclopedist Muhammad Khwarizmi. Humanity still remembers with gratitude the incomparable merits of this great man. His grandiose discoveries are also the basis for modern information technology.

    This is evidenced by the recent opening of a monument to our ancestor at the Complutense University of Madrid, Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted. We accept this tribute to the memory of a famous thinker as a symbol of high respect for our people, ancient history, and rich culture.

    “Our great scientists made their outstanding discoveries and inventions at your age. You should also follow the example of your ancestors and strive to do miracles in life”, the Head of the state noted. – Based on my own experience, I advise you: Appreciate science, strive for knowledge! Don't waste a minute! Never forget that youth is the most precious period of life, science is an incomparable wealth that does not burn in the fire, does not sink in water, no one can take it away from you!

    You are the children of independence. You grow up in a free country, not knowing the obstacles and difficulties that your ancestors knew. You should be a decisive force in achieving high goals. I am sure that you will honorably fulfill the great responsibility and truly historic mission entrusted to you.

    The Head of the state noted the need for young people to master modern science and high technologies, for which all forces and opportunities will be directed.

    - For this purpose, we are carrying out fundamental reforms in the education system. We are creating a completely new system in this area – presidential and creative schools, special schools in mathematics, chemistry, and biological sciences. The number of educational institutions with a focus on IT technologies is growing.

    Today we are beginning to see the first fruits of our work. For example, over the past three years, Uzbekistan youth has won about five and a half thousand prizes at prestigious international competitions and contests.

    Firdavs Abdukayumov, a student of Presidential School in Tashkent, scored a high result on the IELTS program, became the owner of a grant for $96,000 to study at John Carroll University in the United States. I sincerely congratulate Firdavs, his parents, and teachers, and wish them good health and new success.

    Taking the example of Firdavs, Temur Sulaymonov from Presidential School in Tashkent, Mironshokh Inomjonov and Azimjon Alijonov from Presidential School in Namangan and many other students have also entered prestigious foreign universities and their number is growing.

    If we pay attention to such talents on time and give them all possible support, I think they will definitely achieve great success.

    That is why we will pay special attention to helping our young people study at prestigious foreign universities. In particular, an order will be introduced to fully reimburse young people who have scored at least 75 percent of the highest score on the international IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and other assessment systems, the cost of passing exams on these systems.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev touched upon the issue of improving conditions for the implementation of five important initiatives, which have become a national movement. For this purpose, the task was set to develop a special program for repairing and equipping 459 local cultural centers.

    “We will definitely solve this problem”, the President said. “But I'm more concerned about another side of the question. Many young people who have received higher education in culture and art prefer to stay in Tashkent. If so, who will work tomorrow in those cultural centers that are being built locally, at great expense? Who will look for young talents in the villages, who will educate them? Therefore, hokims of the regions should take measures to train up to 5 young people from each district and city at the expense of the local budget in higher education institutions in culture and arts, and in the future provide them with work and housing in their district.

    The importance of creating opportunities for gifted children, constant support for winners of competitions was noted.

    “If you delve into the problem, it becomes obvious that these young people tomorrow will become the “Golden Fund” of the district or city and will contribute to increasing the authority of their region. In this regard, all hokims of districts and cities were instructed to select 10-15 such talents, establish a system of their comprehensive education and constant stimulation”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    Young Scientists’ competition for the best scientific developments with a prize fund of more than 30 billion UZS was announced this year.

    It was instructed to allocate 50 billion UZS starting 2021 for the best innovative and startup projects of young people by organizing the Future Scientist competition among schoolchildren and students.

    – Continuing this work, next year we will create modern training centers with in-depth study of information technologies in more than 100 cities and districts of the country. A system will be introduced to reimburse young people up to 50 percent of the cost of obtaining international IT certificates. In the next two years, 300 thousand young people will be taught the basics of computer programming for free within the framework of the “One million programmers” project.

    I would like to tell you another important news. Starting next year, a Presidential Grant will be established for 200 young people who scored the highest results in the entrance exams to higher education institutions. If the current Presidential scholarship is only for one academic year, the new grant will be paid for four years.

    Starting from the next academic year, presidential and state scholarships will also be introduced for undergraduate students studying at branches of foreign universities in Uzbekistan. Since young people studying in these institutions are our children. Tomorrow they will serve the development of our country. If that's the case, I think it's only fair that we take care of them and encourage their talent.

    Starting next year, we will double the quota of Presidential Scholarships for undergraduates and doctoral students to support our talented young people who have chosen the path of science.

    I am convinced that access to such opportunities and benefits will be given first of all to those who are ready to build the foundation of a New Renaissance, the Head of the state noted.

    It was emphasized that families with two or more children studying at a higher education institution on a contract basis will be provided with preferential educational loans.