Proposals for the development of sports education and science considered

    Uzbekistan 3 November 2022 5111

    President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of proposals for the development of personnel training and scientific research in physical culture and sports.

    Thanks to the conditions created in Uzbekistan, sports are becoming more and more popular among the population. An increasing number of young people are constantly engaged in physical education, and many choose sports as a profession. Uzbekistan’s professional athletes are achieving great success in international competitions.

    The Head of the state pays special attention to the issues of a healthy lifestyle, youth employment, the Olympic and Paralympic movement. At the meeting held on May 23 this year, tasks were set for developing sports education and introducing evidence-based approaches in the sphere.

    During the presentation, plans and proposals in this direction were considered. They cover three important aspects: improving the quality of education at the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports and its branches in Nukus and Fergana, improving the management system in sports education institutions and improving the system of scientific research in the sphere.

    It was noted that starting from the 2023-2024 academic year, educational programs will be formed according to the programs of leading foreign universities. Qualification requirements for all undergraduate and graduate programs will be revised, competencies certification will be carried out to assess the knowledge, skills and teaching skills of graduates and teachers.

    A decision was made to close 5 bachelor’s programs that have lost their relevance today and open 2 new master’s specialties. Experienced specialists from federations and foreign experts will be involved in training.

    Applicants with honorary titles and qualifications who have won prestigious international tournaments will be exempted from the requirement to take a professional exam. A state scholarship named after Pahlavan Mahmoud in physical culture and sports will be established to stimulate students. The best graduates will be awarded the qualification categories of sports referee and coach of the second class.

    To strengthen the relationship between education and science, it is planned to create a single supervisory board. This council will help to effectively organize the managerial, educational, methodological, research, spiritual and educational activities of sports institutions.

    At the same time, goals were set to increase the scientific potential of the University of Physical Culture and Sports by up to 45 percent, increase the performance of the teaching staff, introduce new developments and technologies, and enter international ratings.

    The Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports was tasked to conduct research in sports biomechanics, physiology, pharmacology and genetics, transferring and commercializing the results of scientific and innovative activities, and implementing start-up projects.

    It also provides for support and improvement of the effectiveness of scientific research, sending young personnel to foreign education institutions to defend the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

    As is known, an Olympic village is being built in Yashnabad district of the city of Tashkent. After the Asian Games, this complex will house the Ministry of Sports Development, sports federations and the State Academy of Sports of Uzbekistan, which will start operating in 2025.

    The Head of the state approved these proposals and gave additional instructions.