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    The Central Bank: from April 9, individuals will enter a PIN in payment documents instead of an INN

    Finance 5 April 2022 627

    Relevant amendments have been made to the regulatory legal acts concerning the requirements for processing payment documents provided by customers to banks.

    According to the press service of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, these changes are planned to be implemented in stages until April 9 of this year, and then in full.

    After the introduction of these changes into practice, in all payment documents, instead of the INN (taxpayer identification number) of the payer - an individual, their PINFL (personal identification number of an individual) is mandatory indicated in the details of the payment document, referred to as the "payer identification number".

    In this regard, individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity (as well as individual entrepreneurs), when processing payment documents in order to make a payment, it is necessary to correctly and fully make their PIN.

    Also, all business entities are asked to pay attention to the correctness of entering the PIN of contractors - individuals when drawing up payment requirements and collection orders.