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    Uzbekistanis will now be able to receive cashback in the amount of 1% from remote electronic payments

    Finance 11 May 2022 506

    Uzbekistan will now charge cashback in the amount of 1% for remote electronic payments. This is reported by the State Tax Committee (SSC).

    Cashback is paid for remote payment by:

    • payment organizations;
    • electronic payment services of commercial banks (including mobile applications);
    • information systems of electronic commercial platforms - "marketplaces".

    Thanks to the integration (PLANET, OCEAN, PAYME, CLICK, APELSIN and others) with the information systems of tax authorities, a receipt with a QR code is generated when paying through electronic payment systems.

    If the consumer is registered in the cashback system, then 1% of the purchase amount made through electronic payments will be automatically reflected in the personal account of the Soliq mobile application.

    Also, to receive cashback, it is possible to scan the QR code on the electronic receipt.

    Cashback is not paid - when buying cars, air and train tickets, paying for utilities and communication services.