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    Uzhydromet: warm and rainy weather is expected over the weekend

    In focus 3 February 2023 479

    This afternoon, the removal of a new portion of humid air from the areas of the Caspian Sea begins on the territory of Uzbekistan.

    There will be occasional rains on the territory of the republic. Rains are expected in the south-western and southern regions during the day, in the central regions - in the afternoon, in the regions of the Fergana Valley - in the late afternoon. No precipitation is expected in the north of the republic.

    According to the Uzhydromet service, tomorrow, February 4, there will be rains in places on the territory of the republic, precipitation in the north (rain, snow).

    On Sunday, the rains will stop in most parts of the territory, only at night and in the morning, light precipitation is possible in the central and eastern regions. The air temperature these days will be in the range of 0-5O heat at night, up to 2 degrees of C frost in places, 5-10oC heat in the afternoon.

    In the capital today in the evening and tomorrow it sometimes rains. On Sunday, the weather prevails without precipitation, only light precipitation is possible at night and in the morning. The prevailing temperature at night is 0-3oC heat, during the day 7-10oC heat.

    Avalanche danger persists in mountainous areas on February 3-5.