A trading house of Uzbekistan has opened in the Ivanovo region of Russia

    Business 24 April 2024 1703

    A trading house of our country has opened in the city of Ivanovo as part of the establishment of cooperation and the growth of trade between the regions of Uzbekistan and Russia.

    The trading house was opened by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan. The opening ceremony was attended by Ambassador Botirjon Asadov, members of the government of the Ivanovo region, the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as representatives of large businesses in the region, the Dune news agency reports.

    The Trading House presents and will sell high-quality and competitive products of a wide range of Uzbek industry with the label "Made in Uzbekistan".

    During the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan noted that the support of the implementation of this project by the governments of both countries underlines the joint goal of creating conditions for sustainable economic growth, diversification of the export-import market of the two countries, as well as expanding business opportunities for entrepreneurs and manufacturers from Uzbekistan and Russia.

    Leonid Ivanov, Head of the Ivanovo Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the Russian market has always been interested in importing food, textiles, handmade products and ceramics from Uzbekistan, and the opening of a Trading house in Ivanovo will be a new milestone in the evolution of bilateral cooperation.