In the United States, the first ever fine for space debris was issued

    Interesting facts 6 October 2023 5771

    The US government has issued the first ever fine to a satellite company for leaving garbage in space.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined Dish Network for $ 150,000 for not moving its expired EchoStar-7 satellite to a safe distance from devices that fly around the Earth at the same altitude, the BBC Russian Service reports.

    The FCC notes that the EchoStar-7 satellite poses a threat to other objects orbiting the Earth.

    Dish Network admitted its guilt and agreed with the authorities on an action plan to bring its work processes in line with the rules.

    In 2002, EchoStar-7 was placed into a geostationary orbit, lying at a distance of about 36 thousand km from the earth's equator. This allows the vehicles located on it to move at the same speed as the rotation of the planet.

    In 2022, the satellite was decommissioned, in connection with which Dish Network planned to raise it 300 km higher. However, the company managed to move the device only 120 km, as the fuel ran out.