In Tashkent, the routes of three bus routes have partially changed

    Transport 1 March 2023 1962

    Since February 28, 2023, the following changes have taken place in the city's bus route network. This is reported by "Tashtrans".

    Route No. 49 (TTZ - Aviasozlar), from the former terminal "Aviasozlar Bus Station", along the streets of Khosiyat, Izzat, Shakhimardan and Katta Yangiabad, has been extended to the new terminal "Yangiabad Array".

    Route No. 133 (metro station "5-Bekat" (Kipchak) - Gulzar mahalla) along the bypass route has been extended to the new terminal market "Food City", while the arrival into the depths of the Gulzar mahalla itself has been preserved.

    Route No. 151 (Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro station - New Uzbekistan Park) has been extended from the former terminus of the New Uzbekistan Park to the village of Chingeldy.