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    The Central Bank held a meeting with representatives of the Swiss National Bank

    Finance 13 May 2022 529

    During the meeting, the parties discussed the technical assistance provided to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) under the DSGE Model (Dynamic stochastic General Equilibrium Model) project, which aims to analyze the impact of macroeconomic policy and ongoing structural reforms on the country's economy.

    Also, representatives of the SNB got acquainted with the models of macroeconomic forecasting used in the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, such as "QPM", "FAVAR", "ARDL" and "VECM".

    The parties expressed their readiness to provide technical assistance on financial stability in coordination with the International Monetary Fund.

    At the same time, the participants of the meeting discussed the possibility of promising cooperation in the organization of training seminars on digital finance, cash circulation and other activities of central banks.