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    Graduates of professional schools will be trained in the "Career Development Course" according to the methodology of a German expert

    Education 20 January 2023 936

    Authorized persons of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation in the field of vocational education met with representatives of the German non-profit organization "German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation".

    During the meeting, an exchange of views took place on the need to study the rich experience of Germany in the field of vocational education, according to the curriculum "Career Development Course", aimed at developing the skills of job search, paperwork and participation in interviews among graduates of vocational schools.

    In cooperation with the international expert Dr. Pavel Utitz, the issues of improving this curriculum based on foreign experience and teaching methods, as well as German experience, the development of methodological materials and their implementation in the educational process were agreed.

    At the end of the meeting, representatives of the organization and international expert Dr. Pavel Utitz expressed their readiness to support the "Career Development Course".

    The Ministry has developed and approved the "Career Development Course" program for vocational education students in accordance with international experience, which covers such areas as types of modern professions, resume writing and document preparation, opening a personal profile on modern job search platforms, individual job searches, participation in the processes of paperwork and interviewing.

    In accordance with the specified curriculum, from February, training will be organized in all professional schools with the participation of teachers of the basics of business, the information service reports.