New day, new time, a breath of new life

    Uzbekistan 21 March 2024 3744

    These days, Uzbekistan seems to have turned into a vast festive square. In cities and villages, people joyfully celebrate Navruz.

    This spring, nature is generous with gifts. Today, there are blessed rains in the country. At such moments, our ancestors spoke about a good start to the year and wished farmers productivity and abundance for all people.

    This year, the main celebration of Navruz took place in the Humo Arena Complex.

    The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev attended the event and congratulated the people.

    “It gives me great pleasure to sincerely congratulate you, the entire multinational people of Uzbekistan, on the long-awaited Navruz holiday”, the President said.

    The Head of state noted that the philosophy of Navruz is deeply intertwined with our aspirations and practical deeds.

    Thanks to the noble labor of our people, modern enterprises, comfortable homes, social and cultural facilities, roads and bridges, squares and gardens are being built. The country is transforming and becoming more beautiful every day. Respect for the honor and dignity of a person as the highest value, ensuring his vital interests, social protection, support for needy segments of the population, and caring for every compatriot, regardless of nation, language, and religion, are increasingly being established.

    Thanks to the prevailing atmosphere of friendship, harmony and good neighborliness in the country, and a peaceful foreign policy, the authority of Uzbekistan in the international arena is increasing.

    Navruz, symbolizing the rebirth of nature, is in harmony with youth. To further inspire our youth to do good deeds and give them strength and energy, this year has been declared the Year of Support for Youth and Business in the country. 36.5 trillion UZS and $460 million were allocated to achieve the goals defined in this year’s State Program. About 2 million citizens will receive support this year as part of all entrepreneurial programs.

    The President noted the achievements of our youth at international subject Olympiads, festivals of culture and art, and information technology and sports, wishing them success in future activities and competitions.

    The spirit of Navruz is especially clearly manifested in the life of mahallas.

    Councils to support mahallas, the Association of Mahallas of Uzbekistan and its territorial divisions have been created. As a result of targeted work over the past two years, the poverty level in Uzbekistan has decreased from 17 to 11 percent. A significant contribution to this was the provision of preferential loans to almost 900 thousand residents, subsidies to more than 200 thousand citizens, and the allocation of 200 thousand hectares of land for cultivation to nearly 700 thousand families.

    Starting this year, new experience is being introduced in Saykhunabad district of Syrdarya region. Its essence lies in the effective use of personal plots, providing owners with the necessary funds and resources, assistance in finding markets for products, organizing small-scale industries in each family and mahalla, and expanding services.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized that Uzbekistan has 510 thousand hectares of private plots, representing a vast untapped potential. The state will support active people. In particular, grants from 300 million to 1 billion UZS will be allocated to entrepreneurs who purchase, process, and export products grown in households.

    “Support for the mahalla and its further development will be constantly in the spotlight. After all, mahalla is a fortress of kindness and harmony. After all, mahalla is a stronghold of friendship and kindness. Mahalla is the mirror of the soul of our creator people”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    The Head of state congratulated everyone on March 22 – the Day of Mahalla System Workers.

    Ambassadors of foreign states and representatives of international organizations also participated in the festive event. The President congratulated them on March 21 – International Nowruz Day, addressing warm greetings and congratulations to their people.

    The current Navruz takes place on the blessed days of Ramadan, giving the holiday a unique spirit and increasing its significance.

    “In these wonderful moments of spring, following the behests of our great ancestors, filled with pure thoughts and hopes, we say: may each of our days be beautiful, like Navruz, blessed and wise, like Navruz!” the President wished at the end of his speech.

    The celebration continued with a large concert program.

    After the celebration, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev participated in folk festivities and watched performances by national cultural centers and folklore and ethnographic ensembles.

    “This art and our traditions have deep historical roots. They are based on great culture and enlightenment. Thank you for preserving and continuing this legacy. The power of the holidays lies in their harmony with our national values”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    Representatives of all nationalities equally love Navruz. Today, in Uzbekistan, representatives of more than 130 nations and nationalities live in peace and harmony, contributing to the country’s prosperity. There are 38 friendship societies and 153 national cultural centers in the regions.

    The Head of state also visited exhibitions and listened to musical works of these centers. He held sincere conversations with representatives of various nationalities, expressing his good wishes to them.