It’s The Year 2075. This Is What It Looks Like On The Moon Now

    A fleet of private spaceships equipped with all the technologies necessary for human habitation and landing on the moon is planned to be launched within the next two years.

    Today, conducting research and scientific research on the moon is carried out on a large scale. Compared to the 1960s, thanks to the development of technology, it costs much less to go to the moon.

    According to Giuseppe Reibaldi, an Italian space policy adviser, by 2075 a thriving ecosystem could be established on the Moon with multiple bases established in various locations.

    Special enterprises provide water, building materials, and titanium and aluminum for the production of spaceship parts. During this period, launches to Mars can begin from the Moon. It is also possible for farmers to grow food on Earth's satellite through high technologies.

    The birth of a man on the moon in 2075 will be a radical turning point - says Reibald.