Is it true that you would weigh less at the equator?

    If we assume that you lived at the North Pole, then flew to Kenya and decided to weigh yourself upon arrival, you would weigh 0.5% less than when you started your trip. Why?

    When we think about gravity on Earth, we usually assume that it is uniform. Bouncing at the poles or the equator, you really won't notice the difference.

    However, gravity is heterogeneous, like the Earth itself. Like other planets, Earth has a bulge at its equator caused by rotation on its axis. Because of this, near the equator, gravity actually affects the human body less.

    If you don’t want to fly to the equator to check this fact, you can simply weigh yourself on the plane. A person who weighs 68.03 kg on the ground will weigh exactly 68.00 kg on board the aircraft at an altitude of 3048 meters.