The newest pavilion of the Uzbekfilm cinema concern was presented at the XIV Tashkent International Film Festival

    Culture & Arts 16 September 2022 1424

    An important event of the Day of Uzbekistan was the presentation of the newest panoramic pavilion of the Uzbekfilm cinema concern.

    "A few years ago, this pavilion was in a deplorable state, there was no heating, the cinema equipment left much to be desired," said Bahodir Adilov, director of the Uzbekfilm cinema concern. - Thanks to the attention of the President of the country to the development of cinematography, it was reconstructed and equipped with equipment that allows you to shoot world-class movies. Listening to Shavkat Mirziyoyev's welcoming speech to the participants of the XIV Tashkent International Film Festival "Pearl of the Silk Road", I was once again convinced that all roads are open to Uzbek cinematographers today. In the last two years, we have seen rapid progress. And we will continue to make every effort to glorify Russian cinema on the world stage, to create high-quality and interesting content for dear viewers."

    The new panoramic pavilion will allow you to shoot films at the highest modern artistic and technological level. If previously major blockbusters and action movies were shot using chromakey, and the picture itself did not inspire confidence in a demanding viewer, then with the use of Stagecraft technology, everything has changed globally. The technology allows you to take a high-quality image while in the same pavilion. Realism is achieved by combining computer "backdrops" and real scenery. Instead of expensive decorations or "greenery", large seamless LED panels are installed in the back of the stage, which convey the necessary atmosphere.

    As a result, a high-quality image of the virtual world is displayed on the screen, rendered in Unreal Engine and tied to the operator's camera. Changing the position of objects in the background depending on the camera position allows you to get a reliable picture. When using Stagecraft technology, you can shoot from any angle: a change of perspective is provided by combining a real and virtual camera. Combining a real and virtual camera automatically provides a change of perspective. In addition, the virtual camera can be moved independently of the real one - for example, for dynamic scenes.

    In the new pavilion, the guests of the film festival personally watched the shooting of the first episode of the historical film "Bahodir Yalangtush". They were able to personally see the director's camera, how the picture is being shot, get acquainted with the creative team and the actors of the film.

    The film will tell about the creator of the legendary Samarkand Registan - Bahodir Yalangtush. It was he who built the Sherdor and Tillya-Kari madrassas on Registan Square, the information service of the Cinematography Agency reports.