The efficiency of work in the oil and gas industry considered

    Uzbekistan 24 May 2022 5366

    On May 24, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting to discuss the issues of expanding oil and gas production and product manufacturing.

    The Development Strategy of Uzbekistan defines goals for the liberalization of the economy and the transformation of leading industries. In particular, transformation processes have begun in the oil and gas sector.

    At the meeting, the Head of the state, first of all, focused on the issues of transformation and stressed the need for accelerating this process. Tasks have been set to attract international consultants, define strategic approaches, and ensure transparency of accounting mechanisms in the oil and gas industry.

    Measures have been identified to improve the financial health of companies, reduce costs by increasing operational efficiency, and create a management system based on world best practices.

    The President gave specific instructions to the heads of the industry regarding ensuring an uninterrupted supply of fuel and energy resources to the population and enterprises.

    Measures have been identified to eliminate losses with the full implementation of an automated system for monitoring and accounting for natural gas consumption. The importance of saving resources and stimulating the use of alternative energy sources was noted.