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    Speech by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the High-Level Dialogue on Global Development in the BRICS Plus format

    Uzbekistan 24 June 2022 1350

    Distinguished Mr. Chairman! Esteemed heads of delegations! I am sincerely glad to greet all the participants of the forum.

    It is my pleasure to echo the remarks of my colleagues and express gratitude to the President of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping for the initiative to host and an invitation extended to participate in the High-Level Dialogue on Global Development.

    I share the assessments voiced today with regard to special significance of the BRICS Plus format dialogue being an in-demand platform for an inclusive partnership in promoting the Sustainable Development Agenda.

    Distinguished participants of the forum!

    The modern world is going through an in-depth transformation accompanied by a number of alarming trends. The international tension is ever aggravating and there are the signs of a systemic economic crisis.

    In these conditions, in Uzbekistan, we are consistently continuing the implementation of reforms based on the principle “The human interests’ are a priority”.

    The main priorities of building a New Uzbekistan are as follows:

    – improvement of state governance;

    – reducing poverty and joining the ranks of the countries with a higher than average income level by 2030;

    – ensuring inclusive social development;

    – consolidating good-neighborliness and stability in the region of Central Asia.

    We are open and committed to broad international cooperation in the joint achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including “South-South” cooperation.

    Esteemed heads of delegations!

    The crisis observed now in the world economy creates obstacles for an entire system of global trade and investments.

    In such conditions, it is important to take the coordinated measures to:

    – lift barriers and establish the new production and trade-logistical chains;

    – attract investments to industrial cooperation projects and infrastructure modernization;

    – technology transfer implementation innovations, enhancing cooperation in the area of artificial intelligence, digitalization, biotechnologies, including the development of vaccines.

    To promote the joint projects and initiatives, we propose to launch a permanent business-dialogue platform – a BRICS Plus Entrepreneurs Forum.

    We are for strengthening the transport-communication connectivity and integrating our region to transcontinental routes “North-South” and “West-East”.

    We endorse the call of the United Nations towards resolute actions to ensure stable and open circulation of food products on the markets. We believe that it is the very countries of the BRICS that must play an important role in this, which account for up to fifty percent of the world’s agricultural production. It is necessary to use this enormous capacity to widen the cooperation to form a robust system of food supplies and their accessibility.

    As one of the key dimensions of the cooperation, we see the implementation of the programs in the area of poverty reduction and supporting entrepreneurship. Let me mention that the use of the successful experience of China has allowed us over the last years, even in the background of the pandemic, to strengthen social support and truly increase the living standards of our population.

    Taking into account the global trends, it is becoming ever pressing the multilateral interactions on the climate agenda. In this regard, we propose to consolidate the efforts in combatting desertification, preserving biodiversity, ensuring a water balance and promoting the green economy projects.

    Inclusive growth is impossible without a due level of attention to human capital development. We are interested to participate in the BRICS programs – the Universities League and a Network University, as well as expanding the cooperation in the area of vocational education and youth policy.

    Dear colleagues!

    Being a chair at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Uzbekistan proposes to develop the mechanisms of practical interactions of the BRICS and SCO on the priority partnership dimensions.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that holding this Dialogue in the BRICS Plus format once again demonstrates our resolute attitude to the soonest overcoming the common challenges.

    I am confident that the implementation of initiatives voiced today shall facilitate global stability and sustainable development of our countries.

    Thank you for your attention!