The parliamentarians of the CIS countries considered a number of laws concerning ecology

    Environment 27 October 2022 920

    On October 27, a meeting of the Permanent Commission of the IPA CIS on Agrarian Policy, Natural Resources and Ecology was held in Samarkand. The event was held within the framework of the autumn session of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly, which is being held in Uzbekistan for the first time.

    The parliamentarians discussed draft new versions of model laws "On environmental safety", "On access to environmental information", "On production and consumption waste", "On specially protected natural territories".

    Draft model laws "On Environmental funds", "On Beekeeping", "On Organic Agriculture" and "On assessing the potential impact of mining activities on the health of the population living in adjacent territories" were also presented to the commission.

    Model (model) laws adopted by the IPA of the CIS are subsequently transmitted to national parliaments for use in work, which allows creating and developing a common legal space in the CIS region.

    ​The members of the commission discussed the regulations on the Expert Council on Ecology and Nature Management at the IPA CIS, heard information about preparations for the tenth Nevsky International Environmental Congress, the development of national legislation in the field of agrarian policy, natural resources and ecology and the use of model legislative acts adopted by the IPA CIS on the initiative of the commission, and also discussed the preparation of the international forum "Sustainable development of mountain territories", which is planned in the fall of 2023.