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    Victory Park hosts a festive event on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance and Honor

    Uzbekistan 9 May 2021 1131

    Victory Park amphitheater hosted a festive event on the occasion of May 9 – Day of Remembrance and Honor.

    The President congratulated all the veterans, all our people on the Day of Remembrance and Honor and the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War.

    “We always celebrate this glorious date with feelings of immense joy and boundless sorrow”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    The Second World War was the biggest and most destructive war in the history of mankind. It was attended by 62 states out of 73 existing at that time in the world, which is 80 percent of the world's population. 110 million conscripts took part in the fighting, which was directly conducted on the territory of 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, and 70 million people died as a result of the war.

    The unsurpassed courage and steadfastness of our grandfathers and grandmothers, who fought in that war and selflessly worked in the rear, are forever inscribed in the history of mankind.

    “We, the grateful descendants who live today, will always be proud of you, our brave fathers. In these exciting moments, we all bow our heads to your merits in the reconstruction and development of the country after the war. No matter how many years and centuries have passed, our people will always keep in their hearts the memory of your heroic struggle against fascism, and this feat will forever remain an example for young people”, the President said.

    At the beginning of 1941, Uzbekistan's population was more than 6.8 million people. Of these, about 2 million went to the front. More than 500 thousand of them died heroically in the battles.

    “We remember these figures every year. But these are not just numbers, they are the lives of our mothers and grandmothers, brave and courageous fathers, deep sorrow and grief in the hearts of all our people. No numbers, no words can express this pain and sadness”, the Head of the state noted.

    More than 1.5 million elderly people, women and children affected by the war were evacuated to Uzbekistan. Among them are more than 250 thousand orphans.

    “Our people showed their high humanistic qualities during the most difficult years of the war. They sheltered and shared the last piece of bread with hundreds of thousands of people of different nationalities brought to Uzbekistan, showed them compassion and humanity. This great feat, the broad soul of our people, has earned respect all over the world. And we should be proud of it”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

    It was emphasized that the idea of fighting for peace based on the lessons learned from the tragedies of war is becoming more relevant today than ever. Following its strategy, Uzbekistan is committed to preserving peace and stability, interethnic and interfaith harmony, and further strengthening its state independence.

    The event was broadcasted on television. The Head of the state spoke with the event participants and veterans who gathered in the studios in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions.

    Shavkat Mirziyoyev greeted the veterans of war and labor who attended the festive event, wished them health and long life. The veterans recited dua with wishes of peace to the country and prosperity to people.

    The President watched the festive concert together with the veterans.