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    MIIT working groups conduct studies in the regions of the country

    Industry 26 May 2023 1601

    Working groups of the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade systematically study the current implementation of tasks for the socio-economic and industrial development of regions and industries of the republic.

    Thus, the working group headed by Deputy Minister Olimkhon Rustamov visited the enterprise of JSC Uzavtomotors, where they got acquainted in detail with the production processes and established ties in the field of industrial cooperation. Currently, Uzavtomotors JSC produces new brands of cars in cooperation with 309 enterprises. It takes from 14 to 18 hours to complete the assembly of one car. At the same time, more than 7700 components are used to assemble one car, over 50% of which are localized and supplied by manufacturing enterprises of the Andijan region.

    In particular, joint ventures Uz Tong Hong Co, Uz Sam Yung Co, Uz Dong Yang Co, Uz Dong Won Co, Uz Avto Austem, as well as LLC "Auto Climate Control", LLC "Autocomponent", LLC "Multi Business Company" produce seats, fuel tanks, plastic interior parts, mufflers, components of heating and cooling systems, metal discs, metal pipes, sealants and paint products, electrical wires and other components for the production of cars. Large enterprises, in turn, receive more than 100 types of stamped and plastic parts manufactured by small enterprises in other regions.

    The responsible managers of Uzavtomotors JSC announced plans to increase the production of new TRACKER-2 and Onix cars, in connection with which a significant increase in orders and, accordingly, production volumes by suppliers of relevant components is expected.

    The Working Group, in turn, gave instructions to intensify work within the framework of expanding the nomenclature of localized components.

    The study of the activities of industrial enterprises in the regions of Uzbekistan continues, the press service of the MIIT reports.