Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited war veterans

    These days, Uzbekistan widely celebrates May 9 – the Day of Remembrance and Honor. In accordance with the Presidential Decree, participants and disabled people of the Second World War are paid a one-time monetary reward. They are cared for and shown attention and respect.

    Today, health is the most essential thing for veterans who have survived the horrors of war and reached the century mark. Therefore, constant attention is paid to strengthening their health. At the moment, a group of war veterans is being treated in hospitals and sanatoriums.

    On May 8, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense, where he visited the participants in the war.

    Mr. Usman Khajimanov from Bayavut district, Mr. Fayzulla Nurmatov from Akkurgan district, Mr. Anarboy Jalilov from Parkent district, and Mr. Mukhiddin Dusanbayev from Urtachirchik district came for treatment. They expressed satisfaction with their lives and joy in the care they received. Their health is under constant control of district medical associations. They are provided with free medicines and annual trips to sanatoriums.

    The veterans told the President about their grandchildren’s studies, work, and achievements. They work in various fields, such as education, construction, internal affairs, and agriculture, contributing to the country’s prosperity. Young people receive modern knowledge and go to study abroad. Grandfathers encourage them to value peace, patriotism, and hard work.

    “All our efforts are aimed at making our people happy”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. “We want the results of the reforms to reach every home. We have big plans. If everyone works together, we will achieve our goals faster. The prayers of elders like you help us do this. Your life is a school of will and courage, your words are an example for young people”.

    The veterans expressed gratitude to the Head of state for his care and attention. They recited a dua for peace in the world and a bright future for youth.

    The hospital provides dignified care to World War II veterans. In 2022, this institution was completely renovated, and new buildings were built. The hospital has a capacity of 700 beds and treats military personnel, their families, and veterans free of charge. 286 types of diagnostic services have been established, and over 600 types of procedures are carried out. About 30 specialized departments have been created.