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    Scientists of Uzbekistan and Austria identify new areas of cooperation

    Science 5 June 2023 1548

    At the initiative of the Embassy of our country in Vienna, a meeting of representatives of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and the Austrian Academy of Sciences took place.

    At the meeting, issues of further strengthening existing ties between the institutes of the two academies were discussed and a search for new possible areas of interaction was underway, the Dune news agency reports.

    The parties noted the stable long-term relations of the institutes of the Humanities Department of the Austrian Academy, such as the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Institute of Iranian Studies, with the specialists of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The results of joint research are reflected in numerous monographs, collections and publications in the world's leading journals. The positive dynamics in the number of internships of young scientists of Uzbekistan within the framework of joint programs was emphasized.

    Several joint monographs published in Austria were presented at the meeting, and it was reported that a book is currently being prepared that will combine the studies of scientists from Central Asia and Europe on the history of the Middle Ages. The interlocutors came to the conclusion about the possible organization of a scientific conference dedicated to joint research.

    The parties noted several new possible areas of cooperation - hydrogen energy, neutron tomography of artifacts and others. The achievements of scientists from both countries in such applied fields as increasing crop yields, pest control and research on improving soil fertility were noted, which will become the foundation for mutual understanding and successful cooperation between the two academies.