The next changes have taken place in the bus routes of Tashkent

    In focus 25 October 2023 1197

    On October 24-25, 2023, the following significant changes took place in the city's bus route network.

    Bus route No. 95 (Yunusabad 15 block - Aviasozlar). The arrival at the Excavator Plant has returned. And now, after the Cardiology Center, buses in both directions follow the streets of Akkurgan, Katta Darkhan, MKAD, to Parkentskaya Street and then the same route.

    Bus route No. 103 (Chorsu Shopping Center - Dombrabad Street). From the former terminal "Dombrabad Street" along Gavhar Street and Bunyodkor Avenue, extended to Chilanzar clothing Market (Hippodrome).

    Bus route No. 148 (Mahalla Argyn - Tashkent Railway Station) from the former terminal "Mahalla Argyn" along Katta Olmos Street is being extended to the new terminal "Mahalla Olmos", TashTrans reports.