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    In February, consumers accrued 107 billion soums of cashback

    Finance 27 March 2023 1045

    In February, over 2.1 million consumers were credited with 106.6 billion soums of cashback. This is 80 billion soums more compared to the same period in 2022.

    According to STC, currently about 1.4 million consumers have been paid 70.8 billion soums of cashback.

    Also, as a result of the elimination of shortcomings, another 9.4 billion soums of cashback have been confirmed over the past months.

    The total amount of cashback paid through the Soliq mobile application exceeded 980 billion soums.

    The remaining cashback amounts will be paid automatically, as business entities:

    • submits tax reports;
    • eliminate shortcomings in reporting;
    • pay off the tax debt.