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    On the first day of the election of the chairman of the mahalla, 52% of the current chairmen won

    Elections 18 May 2022 405

    On the first day of the elections, that is, as of May 16, 834 mahalla chairmen were elected (an average of 2.7 candidates per mahalla).

    This was announced at a briefing in the IMC by the head of the information service of the Ministry for the support of the mahalla and the older generation Saodat Boymirzayeva.

    Of the elected chairmen, 399 or about 48% have become chairmen for the first time, and 435 or more than 52% are current chairmen.

    102 of the elected chairmen are women, 60 are deputies of local kengashes.

    From May 17, the "Minbar" program will be broadcast live on the Mahalla TV channel five days a week, where the processes related to the organization and conduct of local elections will be discussed.

    If our compatriots have questions, they can contact officials through this transfer.