Uzbek-German International Higher School of Medical Sciences opened in Samarkand

    Education 24 June 2024 729

    The official opening ceremony of the non-governmental educational and scientific-methodological institution "Uzbekistan-Germany Joint International Higher School of International Medical Sciences named after Abu Ali ibn Sina and Heinrich Schippers" took place in Samarkand.

    The Higher School was established by the Center for Public Law Studies of our country in cooperation with the German Ludwigsburg University of Applied Sciences and the Heimerer Professional Academy. The opening ceremony was attended by well-known representatives of science and education, representatives of public organizations of the two countries, the news agency "Dunyo" reports.

    The project includes the development of medical education and the training of qualified specialists for the healthcare system. The main purpose of the educational institution is to train highly qualified medical workers and management personnel for the healthcare sector. The specialized medical institution introduces advanced traditions, standards and practices of Uzbek and German medical education.

    The Higher School offers a multi-stage educational program - a nine-month specialized preparatory stage in the German language, in which students acquire sufficient German language skills necessary for future professional education and work in an international environment. Further, three-year professional training - at this stage, students prepare for work in various medical institutions, receive basic and special knowledge in the necessary specialty, and from 2026 a more in-depth four-year (bachelor's degree) and two-year master's degree will be introduced, aimed at training highly educated specialists in the field of medicine and health management.

    One of the main advantages of the school is the international recognition of diplomas. Graduates of this educational institution will have the opportunity to work not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Germany and other EU countries, which will significantly expand the geography of their professional prospects.

    The opening of the joint Uzbek-German International Higher School of Medical Sciences is of great importance for the region and the country as a whole. It serves to develop medical education, improve the quality of medical services, and strengthen international relations in the field of science and education. This school is an important step towards the integration of Uzbekistan into the global educational space, training specialists capable of solving complex problems of modern healthcare.

    The establishment of this school, which is another result of cooperation between our countries in the field of education, will serve to strengthen the health of our people in the future, as it will open the doors to new opportunities for our youth.